Writing task 1 feb 12 early tool

The diagrams below illustrate early tools from 1.4 million years ago and 800,000 years ago. Summaries the information by selecting and reporting the main features and making comparisons where relevant.

The provided diagrams reveal the evolution of stone tools from its primitive stage around 1.4 million years ago to its more refined version crafted almost 800 thousand years ago.

Overall, it was an extremely slow process which took thousands of years to improve the tool.

Moving to detailed description of the most primitive tool, it can be clearly seen that the first stone tool came into existence almost 1.4 million years ago which did not have a very precise shape and sharp edge. It was almost 5cm in size from side to side and from its side view it can be understood that it was not very sharp. The assumption is that such stone tool might have been used for smashing insect shells or fruits in order to access food especially extracting nuts.

However, as human became more intelligent and the stone carving skills improved a better stone tool was designed which seems to be more effective for purpose. The one developed almost 800,000 years ago was although of almost similar size as the earlier one yet had sharper edge, that could have been used to cut animals skin or even to give a sharper edge to ancient tools like spear.

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