Today, the life expectancy of people is much higher than in past. Older people should continue to be involved in the workforce. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

No doubt, medical science and improved standards of living have helped human to live longer. Therefore, it is often put forward that people in old age should be allowed to continue to work for longer time. I personally do not agree with this idea to a great extent. This essay intends to present the arguments for and against this notion.

To begin, the most convincing argument to let aged people continue their jobs is to ensure their sustainable income. The fact is that, in most professions, employees get retired at age 55 . Since average human life expectancy is 85 these days, people often face financial crisis after retirement. Understandably, if people would be allowed to retain their jobs for another 10-15 years, they would not have to depend on others in this age. At the same time, there are some professions, where knowledge and experience matter more than the age of workers. For example- professionals like professors, scientists, advocates and others become an asset for their organisations with the amount of experience and knowledge they gain during their career and when they retire at early age it results in a huge loss for the organisations they work for. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect people in their late 50’s to work for some more years.

However, I tend to believe the involvement of old people at work can prove to be counter-productive. Needless to say, with age their physical and mental ability of humans decline, which affects their performance at work place. It is generally seen that, the productivity at work place of senior employees is much lower than young enthusiasts. That’s why, it is more like a liability to keep old workers for business organisations. In addition, it is the responsibility of the state along with individuals themselves to secure their life after retirement. Both state and the individuals must contribute towards pension funds, so that, they could lead a prosperous life without depending on others.

To conclude, I must restate, although due to increased life expectancy, it is recommended to involve old people in work, yet considering their health, it is better if they secure their life after retirement during their work tenure.

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