The key to solving the environmental problems is for the present generation to sacrifice their convenient lifestyle for the sake of future generations. Do you Agree or disagree? (IELTS Essay| Task 2)

No doubt, there has been an unprecedented growth in the environmental concerns over the past few decades and it is often put forward that the ideal way to deal with these is to give up the comfortable lifestyle in order to shape a better world for the generations to come. I completely agree to this viewpoint and the arguments surrounding the opinion shall be presented in this essay.

To begin, there is no denying the fact that in order to enjoy lavish lifestyle human has serious compromised with the resources. The pace at which resources are being exploited there would be a serious dearth of resources such as Water, fossil fuels, Land and more. Eventually, the future generation would not be able to survive. Hence, people need to utilise resources prudently to preserve enough stocks to survive longer. For instance, Scientists have concluded that if not used wisely the drinkable water will run out of stock by 2050, ultimately, lead to end of human race on planet earth.

In addition to it, the easy-going life style has terribly affected the environment. The fact is that human’s carbon foot-prints are increasing at an alarming rate. Personal vehicles for rides, air-conditioned buildings, home appliances, air travel have become a part and parcel of life and people are least bothered that how much carbon they are discharging into the environment. If not taken any action in time. The Global warming is going to melt the polar ice and Earth would submerge into water. Hence, masses need to take the impact which their comfortable life-style can cause in long run seriously.

To conclude, I would like to reiterate although the mankind has made major breakthroughs into order enjoy better living. However, it is not sustainable, thus, for the sake of generations to come it is reasonable to make compromises.

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