Everyone keeps the desire of marrying the person of his or her dreams and I too have an image of a person on my mind that I would like to marry one day. I would definitely take this opportunity to talk about this person and there are few qualities that I want in my dream partner. The very 1st thing is the looks because looks matters me the most. The fact is that is for that I am bit tall and for this reason I certainly want my partner to be taller than average at the same time I want that she has sharp features and pleasing personality or in simple words she has to be a head-Turner. Now along with the personality I would expect her to (IELTS with youtuber Ramandeep Singh) be witty and intelligent because In, today’s time it is very important for a woman to be well-qualified because I want her to be a professional woman not a home-maker. When it comes to Indian marriages it’s not just all about you. You have to think about your parents also. So, if I say my parents are quite religious and they keep traditional values. For that reason, I expect that she understands and respect their views and get well-adjusted in the family. Now one thing more that I expect that we have similar likes and dislikes. It is going to be very important because this way we can spend a lot of time together which would help us to better understand each other and develop or strengthen our relationship. For example, I’m a travel freak, I love to travel to different places and if she would be having similar taste or interest together we can have a good time and it is going to be beneficial in developing a strong bonding. Now all I can do is just wish and keep the hope that 1 day I find my dream partner with whom I can spend the life ahead.

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