– What it is?

– With who you visited?

– What did you do there?

– Do you visit there often?

Well, there are many shops in my city that sell different products but the one that I’d like to talk about is the recently opened Reliance super store. Actually, prior opening of this store, we had to visit different stores to buy different things, but this mega store has really eased the way we shop. In fact, last month, I visited there with my parents to buy grocery. It is located right in the heart of the town, hence, easily accessible. I got impressed with the size of the store and the best thing is that it is climate controlled. One can buy almost everything here that we need in our day to day life such as, grocery, stationary, kitchen appliances, home decor, toiletries, cosmetics and others. We grabbed (ielts with youtuber Ramandeep Singh) a trolley and started to load it with the items on our list and it was a great fun to pick the things from shelves on our own. Everything was well-organised and labelled and still there was staff available for help. This store has many offers on different products especially, the buy 1-get-1 free, because of which we made handsome savings on our bulk purchase. One thing that impressed me the most was the ‘Deli’ section where we could buy fresh dairy products.  At the same time, frozen food items are also available here which were not easily available in my area. In no time, this super store has become favourite among the public and I am also a regular visitor of this store now.

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