– Who you would like to share it with.                                                                   

– What you would buy                                                                           

– What else you would do                                                                        

– Explain how you would feel about getting so much money

Well, for some reasons I was over occupied and couldn’t get the break but next weekend I will be totally free and I have a special plan for the weekend. I would love to spend this day with my best buddy Simran and to make it special we would be visiting the MBD shopping mall. Actually, the seasonal discounts are on and we were planning to buy some outfits and, on our visit, next week we can check out all the brands under one roof and avail heavy discounts. Afterward, we have planned to sit in a restaurant to have a meal. Actually, there are dozens of international restaurants on the top floor of this mall where (IELTS with youtuber Ramandeep Singh) we can enjoy finger-licking delicious food. Since, we both are crazy for arcade games so we have planned to spend a couple of hours in the gaming parlour, which is quite famous here. In fact, along with arcade games, we can also play bowling and net cricket. It would be great fun and will help us to release all the stress on mind. Finally, we will watch the latest released movie in the cineplex because the picture and sound quality here is class apart that gives next level experience. After having all the fun, we will return home. Though we will be tired after an exhausting day but it would help us to come out of the monotony and feel refreshed.

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