– What the problem is?                                                                         

– Why it is international?                                                                          

– How it is affecting different countries?                                                       

– How it can be resolved?

Well we are living in a globalized world where everything is happening at an international level and with no surprise, some of the problems today are also international and one of these is the global warming. We all are quite familiar with this pressing concern as it receives a lot of attention. The reason why this problem is global is that each and every country is focusing on industrialization for its economic growth. Poor countries that cannot invest themselves are inviting big companies of developed countries. As a result, the release of toxic gases from factories is polluting the environment. Similarly, society is becoming prosperous and people’s demands are growing. They want to own the comforts and luxuries and are bringing a huge loss to the nature (environment). Forests are being cut rapidly which is the major cause of increasing carbon in the environment. As per the scientists’ assumptions, in 2050 the global warming will lead to the end of life on this planet. Fortunately, governments of the world are (Ielts with Youtuber Ramandeep Singh) showing their concern towards this problem and international-meetings are being held in order to reduce the impact. I personally believe that every individual has to play a part for example, by reducing energy consumption, planting more trees, adopting 3R policy and others. Although, global warming is a serious challenge yet the collaborative efforts at global level can help the world escape it.

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