Talk About A Time When You Spend The Night Without Electricity Cue Card

  1. When it was
  2. Where you were
  3. Why there was a power cut
  4. What did you do

Well, living in India it is not uncommon to spend nights without electricity and one such experience, I had lately and it was the time when few of the friend’s of my brother were invited for his birthday celebration. Actually last month it was my brother’s birthday and he invited few of his friends to stay over night and have the celebration. Ofcourse, we are were super excited about the celebration. Somewhere around 9 pm we had the cake cutting ceremony and my brother blew the(Ielts With Ramandeep Singh) candles. Out of a sudden, the light went off and it was actually because of the short circuit. Unfortunately, it was not possible to get the problem fixed this late at night. So, we had to spend the night without power. Despite, the power cut, we decided to continue the celebration. My brother’s friend karan is a wonderful singer. So, he kept singing for hours and we enjoyed his singing and we danced along it. As, we were enjoying the singing and dancing, the weather changed and it started to rain. So we decided to sit in the balcony to enjoy gossips as well as enjoy the pleasant weather. We played few games especially the talent hunt and we gossiped for long hours. During this time, we also enjoyed the snacks that we had prepared and enjoying the food in the moonlight and candle light was more like enjoying a candle light dinner at a restaurant and I must say that it was really a great fun enjoying the gossips and talking about different matters and we felt more connected than that we had felt watching the movie or playing computer games which means we were not at all affected by the power cut. Now, it was somewhere around 2am and we were all really tired and we never know when we hit the bed and fell asleep. Overall, I can say it was the time or the experience that I had of spending a night without without electricity.

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