Talk About A Person Who Grows Plant Cue Card

Who this person is?
How well you know him/her?
Why he/she grows plant?
What do you feel about him/her?

Sample Answer

Well, most people show their concern about the degrading environment but there are very few who actually do something to save the environment and I will take this opportunity to talk about one such person who is doing an outstanding job of planting trees.(Ielts With Ramandeep Singh) Mr. Singh is my neighbour and he is actually a Botanist by profession. Being a botanist he keeps profound knowledge about the different plants and their species. At the same time, he is very much concerned about the degrading environment. He understands that the way the problem of global warming is worsening the day is not too far that it would become extremely difficult to survive on this planet and the only solution to the problem is planting more and more trees this is perhaps the reason why approximately ten to fifteen years ago, he started planting trees and educating people about the same. Initially, people didn’t take him seriously but he didn’t stop. He continued to do so out of his own resources and when people actually realised his concern, people started to join him. (Ielts With Ramandeep Singh) Today, he is running an NGO by the name “Go Green” that has thousands of members and this NGO has planted more than one million trees and this is perhaps the reason Mr. Singh has been awarded by the state as well. He is more like an inspiration for everyone. Not only at public places even at his home he has a huge lawn, where he has planted hundreds of trees and exotic species of plants that cannot actually survive in the climatic conditions in my area but it is just his affection and love towards plants that they are flourishing. I must say that I have learnt a lot from Mr. Singh. (Ielts With Ramandeep Singh) This is perhaps the reason why I too try to plant trees whenever possible but I make sure that on my every birthday I plant a tree and take a good care of it. Overall, I can say that Mr. Singh is definitely one person that I know who grows plants and trees.

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