Talk About A Person From A Different Culture That You Know Cue Card

Who this person is?
How & where you met?
What culture he belongs to?
And what you know about this person?

Well, it is not uncommon these days for people to make friends from different cultures and the credit goes to the globalisation and improved technology as there are no geographical boundaries today. I have made many friends who are from different cultures but one I would like to talk about here is Jason. Jason is an American and I found him on a chatting platform where one day I was trying to find an English speaking person to chat to and this is something I often do to improve my English ability. We become friends in no time. The fact is that, Jason is equally interested to travel to India. So, during this chat he asked me many things about India and the places to visit in India. Now, we have became good friends and we frequently chat and during this time or by chatting with Jason, I got to learn a lot about American culture. (Ielts With Ramandeep Singh)For example, I have learnt that he is only 18 and he is planning to travel to India alone because he has saved and earned money on his own for this trip which is quite surprising for me because in India children remain dependent on parents for quite long. Now, another thing that I got to know from him is that Americans are really workaholic and they are among the richest people of the world. In fact, if you check out the top richest people of the world, majority are from America. (Ielts With Ramandeep Singh) I am quite interested to visit this country when I learnt from him about the culture of different states, the weather of America and especially some of the worth seeing places there, such as Niagara falls and statue of Liberty. I must say that there are few things that I do not like about the American culture as well, as he said that people up there are materialistic. (Ielts With Ramandeep Singh) They give more importance to money rather than giving to family, friends or the society which is not in my country at all but I think that cultural diversity is what develop your curiosity to learn about different cultures and I am looking forward to seeing Jason in India where I will personally meet him to learn more about his country and culture.

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