-When and where did you watch the film?                                                

-What was the film about?                                                 

-Why did you choose to watch the film?                                                 

-How did you feel about the film?

Well, movies are the biggest entertainer for me and I watch them every now and then. But, here I would like to share my experience of watching movie in cinema. I can never forget the experience because I bunked my school for the very first time with my best friend Raj to watch a movie. The movie, we watched was “3 Idiots” which is of my favourite film star “Amir Khan”. We wanted to watch the first day first show. So, we took the risk of(IELTS with youtuber Ramandeep Singh) bunking the school. We went to the Cineplex and booked tickets but we were so scared from inside. Inside the cinema hall, the atmosphere was electrifying as the hall was fully packed. This movie is actually on the life of college going students and the movie presents how stressful is the life at college. “3 Idiots” is the superhit movie as because it has best star cast, story line, comedy, emotions and music. At one moment, the audience was laughing and at the other moment, we were crying. We had a wonderful time together sitting on a comfortable chair in air-conditioned hall and enjoying movie with best quality and sound. In between, we enjoyed some snacks and enjoyed to the fullest. The movie finish and we headed towards home and we were so happy that we did not get caught. Overall, it was a time when I watched movie in the cinema.

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