Soon technology would replace teachers in the classroom. How far you agree or disagree?(IELTS essay/ Task 2)

No doubt, technology has completely revolutionised each and every domain of life and education is not only an exception. Therefore, it is often believed, teachers would be replaced by technology in the classroom in near future. I agree to the given notion to some extent and this essay intends to discuss the arguments for and against this opinion.

To begin, the most convincing argument to advocate why computer technology will replace the trainers is that it makes learning fun and enjoyable. It is generally observed that children easily get bored while studying through books and could not concentrate for long time. But, when they are taught using animated videos, images and slide shows. They show a lot of curiosity towards learning and keep their interest intact. In addition, learning through technology helps learners to retain information for longer time. Needless to say, students often find understanding conceptual topics very difficult from books but technology assist them to visualize the things in a better way. Which has a lasting impression on their memory. For example, topics like nervous system, geometry, solar system could be learnt more effectively with technology than books.

However, I tend to believe the role of a teacher in a classroom is phenomenal. It is only a human trainer who can judge the intellectual ability of different students in class and teach at a pace which is comfortable to follow for everyone, at the same time, sharing live examples and cracking jokes make teaching far more practical and effective than learning through machines. Moreover, role of a teacher is not only confined to teaching only but also to maintain discipline in classroom to create learning atmosphere. Since, machines cannot supervise children, hence, presence of teacher is mandatory.

To conclude, I would like to restate, although the use of technology is growing in the field of education still it does not hold the potential to replace teachers. However, it would be better if trainers use technology as a teaching tool.

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