Some people think that scientists should try to contact aliens in outer space while others think it would be a dangerous thing to do. Discuss both views and give your opinion


Human’s curiosity to explore the outer world is at its peak at present and a set of people consider it is worthwhile to ( Ielts with Ramandeep Singh) try to communicate with alien civilizations. However, there are those who believe it would put the life of this planet is at risk. I personally support the former opinion and the aim of this essay is to examine both view points along with my opinion.

On the one hand, the proponents of establishing communication with intelligent life-forms is to facilitate space exploration. The fact cannot be denied human is desperate to know about the existence ( Ielts with Ramandeep Singh) of life and resources on different celestial bodies in the universe, unfortunately, the research in this field is extremely slow paced and needs substantial funding. May there is a civilisation somewhere which could assist us by answering some unanswered questions, hence, expedite exploration of space. At the same time, today planet Earth is facing some challenges such as global warming and depletion of resources and scientists hope to resolve these concerns from experiences of alien civilisations who had successfully confronted these challenges.

Nevertheless, those who oppose the idea of contacting the unknown world are worried about the disastrous consequences. Needless to say, our knowledge and understanding of space is still naive and scientists may not be in the position to respond appropriately. There is a high probability ( Ielts with Ramandeep Singh) a prompt and hasty reply due to excitement may lead to miscommunication which can even give birth to war situation. In addition, contacting intelligent life-form can make this planet vulnerable. To exemplify, in most movies based on such themes it is shown how aliens make humans slave and exploit resources of our planet. Understandably, it is better to avoid any direct interaction with extra-terrestrial life as much as possible.

To conclude, I would like to restate though there are certain dangers involved to contact alien species but considering the potential it holds opportunities should not be missed.

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