Some people think that only the experienced and senior staff members should be promoted, while others believe young staff members should also have equal opportunity. Discuss both views and give your opinion

No doubt, a set of people keep the idea that promotion should be given to senior employees who work in a company for a long time, while others think that equal opportunity should be given to the youngsters. I personally withstand the latter view. This essay shall discuss both the arguments in detail with reasoned conclusion.

On the one hand, it is reasonable for some to favour the promotion of senior members of staff is to acknowledge their work. Needless to say, there are some workers who spend their entire life for the same organisation. With time, they become an asset for the company and the most loyal worker unlike youngsters who do not hesitate to hop jobs for better opportunities, mature employees stick to same job with the hope of getting promoted one day. Understandably, considering young staff during promotion can hurt and disappoint the veterans. At the same time, giving equal opportunity to junior employees may affect the coordination at work-place, as experienced staff members would not be willing to support the newly appointed staff.

However, the other school of thought claims that companies should be biased when it comes to promoting the workers. The fact is that, although senior employees have a lot of experience, yet junior workers are equally deserving considering their knowledge and education. These days, it is common to see that many youngsters are appointed at top managerial positions, as their knowledge is incomparable to the aged staff. For instance, as per the official statistics 90% of the graduates of Harvard university are selected as the CEO’s of different companies. Admittedly, for the growth of a company youngsters should be given equal opportunity. Moreover, it is a way to ensure that every single employee giving its 100% to the organisation in order to get promoted which would be not the case if few employees would be in the race.

To conclude, I would like to restate although some embrace the idea of promoting only the senior staff as a way to reward their loyalty and endurance, yet there are other ways to value to their work but all employees must have the equal opportunity to get promoted.

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