Some people think that only certain type of historical buildings should be preserved rather than all. What type of structures you think should be preserved? Do the advantages out-weigh disadvantages?

No doubt, opinions vary widely when it comes to preserving historical monuments, as many favor the preservation of some specific structures, not all. The aim of this essay is to justify what type of building should be kept intact, along with the advantages that supersede disadvantages of maintaining old buildings as per my personal opinion.

To begin, the old structures that should be preserved are temples, architectural wonders and shrines rather than the castle and forts and the predominant benefit of this would be to let people remain connected to their past. Needless to say, temples and shrines have always been integral to the people to which they feel spiritually as well as emotionally connected. By visiting these monuments, they not only acquire religious knowledge but also related to their history and culture and frequent gatherings at such places promote the essence of community. For example, Golden temple in India is visited by millions each year, where visitors observe the past architecture, artefacts, traditions and others which help them to feel connected to the rich heritage.

Yet another advantage of focusing only on such historical structures is the growing concern of land scarcity. The fact is that the prime objective behind demolishing old structures is waste of land. Unlike temples and shrines, Forts and castles have no practical use in today’s time, which are generally constructed on a huge piece of land. Thus, it is reasonable to bulldoze such structures and replace with modern buildings, while keeping the former intact.

Lastly, maintaining past marvels can be a source of generating revenue for a nation, considering the interest people show to visit such amazing architectures. For instance, Taj Mahal, the seventh wonder is visited by 20 million tourist each year, which gives a huge boost to the economy of my country.

To conclude, I would like to restate, historical buildings have a significant importance and they should be protected, however, there is no harm in demolishing those which are of no public interest or practical use.

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