Some people think countries need to produce enough food to cater the population and import as little food as possible. How far do you agree or disagree? 14 May, 2022 Task2 Answer by Raman Sir

No doubt, food is the basic need of human and countries are obliged to produce enough food to feed the country’s population and reduce dependency on imported food. I agree to this viewpoint to some extent. This essay intends to present the arguments and for and against it.

To begin, it seems reasonable to support the idea of countries being self-sufficient in terms of food production as reliance on other countries may lead to disastrous consequences. For example, many European nations that give priority to Industry than agriculture were dependent on Ukraine and Russia for food crops, but the war between the two countries changed the scenario completely and the food supply chain good completely disrupted and now these countries are confronting the challenge of dearth of food grains such as rice, wheat, pulses and others. In addition, when food is not locally produced, people have to pay much higher food prices due to the overseas transportation and storage cost which is eventually borne by the end users.

However, I tend to believe, many countries are not in position to be self-reliant in food production and the reason behind is the extreme weather conditions and infertile land. Countries where the weather generally remains extremely coldp, it is not feasible to produce food in desired quantity. Similarly, dry and drought affected areas are also not in position to produce food in required quantity. For instance, many African countries fail to produce food to cater the population as their water resources are limited to irrigate the agricultural land which is the reason behind their dependency on Asian countries like India, China and Pakistan to meet the food demand.

To Conclude, I would like to restate, every nation must put its best efforts to become self-sufficient in food production, however, the constraints cannot be overlooked that compel some countries to import food.


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