Most working people dream of job satisfaction but very few achieve it.What do you think are the factors that contribute to job satisfaction?

No doubt, job satisfaction is something that every working person dreams of.Unfortunately, but a very small proportion can proudly say that they actually feel satisfied at work.The aim of this essay is to discuss some of the apparent reasons accountable for contentment at work.

Firstly,for vast majority,one thing that matters the most is income.It is generally observed that employees are not happy with their salaries. Most companies try to exploit their workers by under paying them or not paying according to the skills and potential of an employee. Since, inflation is on rise and it is not easy to manage expenses in little income.Eventually, their workers have the feeling of dissatisfaction at work.

Secondly, the another contributing factor is the workload which can have an adverse impact on members of staff.It is not uncommon to see, organizations often recruit limited staff considering their profits, as a result, the work pressure on existing staff increases. Workers have to work additional hours in order to achieve their targets which truly disturb the balance between their professional and personal lives. Admittedly, undue stress at work does not let the employees to feel content.

Last but not least, yet another underlying cause of discomfort at work is the workplace environment. In general, companies promote competition rather than co operation for higher profits. That’s why, workers keep envious feelings towards each other and are not willing to support each other. For instance, at most workplaces young employees are not welcomed warmly by the seniors or assisted by them in time of trouble and this unhealthy environment compels them to quit the job.

To conclude, I would like to restate that job satisfaction is not based on one but many factors. Hence, an employee must evaluate the contributing factors while applying for a job.

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