How to get leaked exam paper 2022| There is a chance that IELTS questionnaires be leaked before exams.

IELTS test is taken by millions of students worldwide and every test taker desires to achieve high bands in order to continue their further education in a foreign college or university or to apply for the permanent residency of an English speaking country. However, it is often found that students are unsure about how much to prepare for the exam. They always look for a way to get an idea what they can expect in the real IELTS exam. IELTS Computer-Delivered(CD- IELTS ) exam is conducted almost every day and there is 3 different time slots which means at an average 1000 tests a year, at the same time, Paper based IELTS exam(PB- IELTS ) is conducted almost 5 times in month which means almost 60 tests in a year. The thing worth considering is that probability of Repetition of IELTS LISTENING, READING & WRITING test is very high on a certain test date. If IELTS test takers especially the CD- IELTS test takers share their exam experience in this blog then visitors of this blog who are going to take their exam shortly can definitely get benefited largely. It’s humble request to the students to share their IELTS Exam experience and share the link of this blog with as many as possible.

86 thoughts on “How to get leaked exam paper 2022| There is a chance that IELTS questionnaires be leaked before exams.

  1. raman Post author

    Exam question
    Some people believe that a police force carrying guns will encourage a higher level of violence in society .To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Reading passage name
    3.Dinosaur related

    Task 2
    Nowadays more and more people decide to have children later in their life .what do you think are the reasons for this?Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages

    Task 1 letter
    U r a member in sports club write a letter to the president regarding organising an event
    U must mention
    What the event would be
    How u will help

    Task 2
    In many countries young people left their parents after marriage but now at very early age
    Discuss its advantages and disadvantages

  2. Gautam Mongia

    CD-ielts 11 jan 2022
    Should governments spend so much money on space exploration when there are problems on Earth that need to be solved?
    • japanese artist have many name
    • language discovery
    • renewable energy

  3. Ramanjit kaur

    Sir my exam is on 12 Feb 2022.I am worried about speaking .Could you please share some important cue cards bcoz the list I download,has 86 topics,which is impossible to read.pls help

  4. yamin

    some people believe that charity organization only help their own country people others s argue that they help world wide discuss both and opinion


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