Evening slot writing task 1, 12th march 2022, India

The provided bar graph reveals the variation in the interest of British towards different sports activities as per the three surveys conducted in the years 1995,2000 and 2005. Overall, though there was not any significant change in the participation in most sports activities yet the ranking certainly changed.

Moving to details, it is apparent from the bar graph that most people in UK were interested to play Footy and the proportion was around 40% initially which marginally grew by 3% in 2005. Similarly, the predilection towards Rugby and Swimming also increased during the 10 years period though the percentage of participants was almost half in these as compared to Footy. A jump of around 5% is evident as per the survey of 2005 in these two games.

In contrast, decline was observed in the interest of UK dwellers toward certain sports. Where in 1995 almost 1/3rd of the participants gave priority to play Snooker and Tennis in the next two surveys the ratio sharply dropped to 22%. Interestingly, Golf remained the least popular activity throughout the given time period and the percentage of participants accounted for around 15% in most surveys.

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