-What would you buy?                                                                         

-With whom you would share it?                                                             

-How would you feel?

Well, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like receiving money and receiving a lot of money is everyone’s dream. I too would be on cloud nine if I win a lottery or receive a lot of money somehow and here I would like to tell that how I would utilise the money that I shall receive and of course my first preference would be to build my dream house. Well, I want to get permanently settled in my favourite city the city beautiful that is Chandigarh. The land price is very high in this city but if I could win a lot of money with that money I will certainly construct my dream house it would be huge in size and will look like a castle or a mansion with massive garden and swimming pool and would certainly be fully furnished and would have been imported furniture from Europe. Well, along with the house  I would certainly like to have my dream car parked in the garage and it would be my favorite sports car, Lamborghini , and would be of my favorite color yellow .Now I would like to invest a portion of money for future for example I would purchase some precious metals like gold or silver at the same time I would invest in the stock market so that I could get return on my investment that would help me in future . Last but not least, I will certainly like to share some money with people who are really in need.  I am willing to donate some money to orphanages because I see there are children who do not have parents or they have no future at all and there are some organisations that do their best to take care of the children and of course I would donate a handsome amount of money to such charity organisation who could take better care of such children. Finally, I would buy fancy gifts for all my near and dear ones so that I could share my happiness of receiving huge sum of money with them I wish my dream of receiving the money would come true one day in the form of winning a lottery or other and then I will be able to full fill all my dreams and wishes.

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