-When it was?                                                                                       

-Where you went?                                                                                  

-What the experience was?                                                                      

-Why it was exciting?

Well, for excitement I always keep on trying new things and here I would like to share my experience of camping which I found extremely exciting. Actually, last month I visited Dalhousie with my friends and there we came to know about Triund famous for trekking and camping. It is not a very difficult trek and anyone can easily do it. It takes around 3 hours to reach at the top of the mountain and we friends started our journey around 10 a.m. It was very unique and (IELTS with youtuber Ramandeep Singh)exciting experience because we had never experienced the nature this way. This trek has many breath-taking views and we were stopping again and again to take photographs to preserve the memories. The Best part of this trek was the waterfall where we spent hours splashing water on each other. Finally, around 4 p.m. we reached the top and were escorted to our Swedish Camp. The experience at this camping site was of next level. There were arrangements for Barbecue, music, bonfire and much more. We enjoyed music till late sitting around the bonfire and enjoyed to the fullest. In fact, the most exciting part of this stay was Gazing the Stars and enjoying the Sun Rise which I can never forget. Overall, it was the time when I did something very exciting.

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