Describe A Time You Decided To Wait For Something Cue Card

When it was?
What you had to buy?
Why you decided to wait?
How it benefited you?

Sample Answer

Well when it comes to buying something, people often get impatient, they want to buy the things instantly and I am not an exception but here I would love to share my experience when I rather decided to wait for something to buy and it was just few months ago when I had to replace my mobile phone. (Ielts With Ramandeep Singh)The fact is that my old device was troubling me a lot as I was not able to manage my calls or anything on the device because of its poor performance and I decided to replace it with a new handset. It was my dream to buy iPhone for a long time so I decided that this time I will surely by an iPhone, I visited the I-Store in my city where I checked out all the latest devices of this brand and with the help of the store person, (Ielts With Ramandeep Singh)I ended up selecting iPhone 13, the most stylish and feature loaded phone of this brand. Now, I came back home and shared my experience with my parents and I also arranged money to buy it the next day but later in the evening while watching television I came across the advertisement which was about the launch of about iPhone 14 that means the brand is going to launch a new phone very shortly with even better features. I instantly checked out the website of iPhone to explore the features of this device and I must say that I found few of the features especially the camera quality which was no where near any other phone in the market. (Ielts With Ramandeep Singh)In fact, I also got impressed with the unique style of this phone and this was the time when I decided that i will rather wait for the launch of the new handset because once the iPhone would be launched, the price of iPhone 13 will drop drastically and that’s the reason why I waited and I was among the first buyer’s to buy this latest mobile and I must say that I was very happy to carry one of the latest handset available in the market and it all happened just because I decided to wait for sometime.

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