As transport and accommodation problems are increasing in many large cities, some governments are encouraging business to move from cities to rural areas. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages? (9 April evening slot IELTS Task 2)

No doubt, most mega cities of the world are growing unprecedentedly but this growth brings some serious challenges for cities in terms of increased traffic and demand of
accommodation. Hence state encourage businesses to re-establish out of cities. I personally believe this approach has more benefits than drawbacks. This essay will examine both the aspects in

On the positive side, it seems to be a realistic solution to the
problem of urban sprawling. Needless to say, for better life and opportunities people from towns and small cities migrate to metro cities. Eventually, it makes it difficult to manage big cities because with mass migration traffic and accommodation problems become inevitable. For example, as per the official statistics, every year 10 million people move to Mumbai and make this city over crowded. Today, Mumbai neither has the solution to problem of traffic congestion nor has enough land to provide shelter to the inhabitants.However, condition of large cities can be improved by moving businesses to country side.

On the down side, this development can be detrimental for the businesses as well as urban residents. The fact cannot be denied, big cities are suitable for setting up businesses as these have established infrastructure in terms of customer base, easy availability of raw material, extensive rail and road network and work force. In contrast, rural areas lack these facilities which can hamper the growth of businesses organizations. Not only businesses but people living in cities would also be suffering as there would not be enough opportunities. At the same time,companies would have to bear additional cost of transportation of goods to cities which would result in increased price of goods.

To conclude, I would like to restate though, moving businesses from cities has some issues associated but to ensure the sustainable growth of mega cities it is desirable.

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