A lot of old people are suffering from loneliness these days. They also lack physical fitness. What do you think are the reasons for this problem? Can you think of possible solution?

It is irrefutable that a vast majority of senior members of society is compelled to lead a colorless and boring life along with poor health. There are some apparent reasons responsible for their degraded condition. The aim of this essay is to present these reasons along with some practical solutions to improve the situation of this age group.

To begin, the underlying cause of the isolation of the elders is the emerging trend of nuclear families. Gone are the days when different generations used to live unitedly under one roof. However, to enjoy privacy and to avoid family responsibilities youngster choose to abandon their parents and leave them alone. In such circumstances, they have no one to share their feelings with or have their grand kids to play with which every grandparent yearns for. Eventually, the grey-haired members are compelled to lead a lusterless life. In Addition, the fitness of aged group is seriously affected and the reason behind is lack of facilities for them. There are no gardens and recreational parks within the proximity where old people could frequently visit and do some like exercises and activities like yoga and walk, to remain physical fit. As a result, they remain home-arrested or bed ridden most of the time and become physically inactive.

Nevertheless, for positivity and well-being, firstly, aged people need to adapt according to the changing times. They must develop their interest towards learning technology in terms of using mobile phones, internet, video games and others. This way they can not only remain virtually connected with their family and friends but also spend leisure time in an interactive way by using various Social networking or other applications on mobile phones. Moreover, government must develop some facilities for these members as an appreciation for the significant contribution they have made towards the society. Yoga, laughter clubs, parks and more will not only encourage old people to engage in healthy activities but also offer an opportunity to mingle with their age mates.

To conclude, I would like to restate, it is quite concerning the older members of society are not leading happy and healthy life, but the aforementioned measures can bring desired outcomes.

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