78. Some people think that economic progress is the only way to measure a country success, while others think that there are other factors which can be used to measure a country success. What are these factors? Among them which one is important than others?

No doubt, wealthiest countries of the world are often considered to be the most successful as generally a country’s progress is measured on the basis of its economy. However, I personally feel it should also be rated on the basis of happiness of the citizens and the safety, though the former is highly crucial.

First of all, one element that ensures a country is progressing in right direction is the feeling of contentment among masses. Needless to say, economically advanced societies have become completely materialistic. They find the pleasures in materials which are short-lived their lust to acquire more and more never stops and in order to become richer than others they always remain under stress. For instance, Americans are among the richest yet, the most dissatisfied people. In contrast, a small Asian country Bangladesh which is economically backward but, maintains Happiness index to ensure that the country people are satisfied within their means. Understandably, it would not be wrong to say that to lead a comfortable life satisfaction is more important than wealth. In addition, how safe a country’s people feel should also be considered while measuring the progress of a country. The fact cannot be denied, crime rate is increasing at an alarming rate and affluent nations are most affected by it. To become rich overnight people do not hesitate to adopt unfair means this is perhaps the reason why the incidents of burglary, robberies, kidnapping and cyber-crimes are growing exponentially in countries like Australia, UK and others. On contrary, a poor country Nepal is a crime free country because people have the honesty and are not influenced by materials and still believe in simple living.

To conclude, this essay discussed the two factors other than economic condition to measure a nations success and, in my perception, satisfaction should be rated the highest because without it a country cannot boast being a prosperous country irrespective of the economic growth.

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