2. TALK ABOUT AN INTROVERT PERSON. May- August 2022 Cue card by Raman Sir

  • -Who the person is?                                                                                                 
  • -How well you know him/her?                                                                
  • -What makes him/her introvert?                                                           
  •   -What you would suggest to this person?

Well, every person is born with or develops a unique personality and nature and there are many who are quite introvert by nature and Here, I am going to talk about my friends Jas who has an extremely reserve nature. He is my neighbour as well as my classmate and I have never seen him talking freely and comfortably with anyone either in neighbourhood or at school. Not only Jas, his entire family is a bunch of introverts. As our community often organises meetings and celebrations but this family never shows their presence. At school also Jas has very few friends and his talks are often to the point. He never expresses his feelings or share emotions with me, no matter how big his problem is. Another reason of his reserve nature is obsession of technology, as he spends hours playing computer games and surfing internet rather than interacting with humans. Although his reserved nature keeps him focused as he doesn’t get distracted with talks while study, this is perhaps he gets better grades than me, yet I recommend him to open up a little and be extrovert. The fact is that human is a social animal and without expressing our feelings and emotions, we cannot develop strong bonding with others. I certainly believe my friend will surely act upon my advice and slowly & steadily he will give up his introvert nature

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