– What it is?                                                                                        

– How it is made?                                                                                 

– Why do you like it?

Well, a wide range of beverages are available these days, unfortunately most of these are not healthy and here I would like to talk about my favourite beverage which is not only extremely delicious but extremely nutritious as well and it is smoothie made of fresh fruits. Actually, few months ago, I was not feeling well and after consulting a doctor I was diagnosed with the deficiency of few essential (Ielts with Youtuber Ramandeep Singh) minerals and vitamins which was primarily due to the avoidance of fruits. The doctor recommended me to consume fresh fruits on daily basis which was not easy for me as I am not a fruit lover. Understanding the situation, my mother came up with a novel (unique) idea of preparing smoothie. She blended some fresh fruits like oranges, banana, strawberries, guava, kiwi, apples together and topped it with a scoop of my favourite ice-cream. The glass was looking extremely tempting and I finished it in not time. I never knew that blended fruits can be so delicious. From that day, it became my habit to have a glass of smoothie on regular basis. And within a month’s time, my body recovered and I started to feel fresh and energetic all the time. In fact, I highly recommend those who don’t like to eat raw (sliced) fruits or are in habit of consuming unhealthy fizzy drinks must try smoothies once for sure.

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