Why students fail to crack IELTS in first attempt?

A good score in IELTS has become one of the most dreaded milestones that an individual migrating abroad must achieve. The IELTS exam is conducted for people planning to move to an English speaking nation.  This exam, consisting of four modules including reading, writing, speaking and listening, assesses students on their overall proficiency in English language. More often than not, students, especially the ones who have a different mother tongue, lag in one module or the other. A holistic approach to the preparation of this exam is therefore required.

One can trace many reasons why candidates lag behind in the race of cracking this test in their first attempt. The foremost reason is the laid back attitude of the students. As the IELTS exam is conducted many times a year and does not have a cap on the number of attempts a student can go for, aspirants generally do not take this exam seriously in the first go. They hence end up failing in their initial attempts because of non seriousness. One should therefore look at their first attempt as their last attempt and aim at cracking it in the first instance.

Further, problems like unclear basics and lack of interest in the language also inhibit a candidate from succeeding. One must therefore work on his punctuation, grammar and spellings to nail this test as a high penalty is imposed on such mistakes in the reading and writing sections.

Another reason for failure could be the lack of direction and an inability to find a good guide. As many students need to hone their basic skills, an external assistance becomes mandatory to succeed. Over the years, many IELTS coaching centers have popped up, some of which have made guidance a money making exercise. Hence it becomes a challenge for the IELTS aspirants to find the best IELTS coaching institute. Your Bright Future, an IELTS coaching centre in Moga has become one of the topmost choices among IELTS candidates within no time. This coaching institute promises to provide a wonderful study environment for students to grow and prosper. Ramandeep sir, the managing director of this place is an idp certified expert. His tips and tricks for this test never fail the students. 

There is also a dearth of good study material available for the IELTS aspirants. Students often expect a well knit study material which could help in their all round preparation in the exam. This material must include the topics covered in past exams as well as the ones that are predicted to come in future. It hence becomes important to access them through external sources. At Bright Future Moga, study material is provided both in online as well as offline modes.

An issue that the students residing in far off places face, is that of their inability to get access to coaching due to lack of physical proximity. YBF Moga therefore comes to the rescue in this respect as well. IELTS coaching application as well as ramanielts.com are two platforms which offer a plethora of study material that students residing off seas can access at a nominal fee.

Additionally, a score of 8777 bands in the general training version of the IELTS exam is necessary for the students to attain a PR or to apply for the express entry program. Therefore, a major chunk of students residing in states like Delhi and Hyderabad as well as others, living in countries such as Canada and Australia, look for training centers which can provide exclusive coaching for the General Training exam. But most of the IELTS institutes only provide coaching for the Academic version. The aspirants therefore have to settle with such institutes and hence are unable to get a focused guidance according to their requirements. YBF Moga understands this need of the students and has hence also introduced exclusive coaching designed for students preparing for the general version of the test.

A module wise preparation is also a major requirement that any IELTS aspirant must fulfill. Most of the times, students end up handling all modules collectively. This then leaves them overwhelmed and demotivated. A section wise preparation, where different timeslots are devoted to different modules will help build the aspirant’s confidence. Each section further requires a different approach which one must adopt.

Writing: Here the aspirant must read English articles and newspapers on a daily basis. This will help him improve his expression. Previous year topics must also be referred to along with working on one’s grammar, spellings and handwriting. The candidate must also remember to manage the word as well as time limit efficiently.

Reading: For this module, the candidate must improve his reading speed and increase his attention span. The art of skimming and recognizing the key words from the passage is also required to excel in this sub test.

Listening:  Watching english channels and movies is a must to become comfortable with the native accent for this module. The student must also learn to multitask and mark his answers alongside as the audio is being played. A good amount of attention is required to score well in this section.

Speaking: This test requires the aspirant to practice speaking in English on a daily basis. He must also practice the frequently asked cue cards by speaking on the topics in an impromptu manner.

A good IELTS exam coaching centre would help students hone all the above mentioned skills in no time. Raman IELTS coaching is hence considered to be the best coaching centre for IELTS. At YBF IELTS center in Moga, many students have achieved their dream of scoring 7 bands in the IELTS exam, and this institute for IELTS continues to achieve this goal. Raman sir’s institute is also renowned for its wonderful faculty and provides the best IELTS coaching experience to its students.

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