-What you made?

-Why you made it?

-How you made it?

-How your friend felt to receive it?

Well, it is quite common among friends to gift each other on special occasions especially birthdays and let me talk about a very special cake that I made by myself for my best friend Raj. Actually, last month it was his birthday I wanted to gift him something special but my parents never allow to gift expensive items from market. Therefore, I decided to make something on my own for my friend. Friendly speaking, Raj has a sweet-tooth and he especially loves chocolate cakes. So, I decided to bake a cake for him for this special occasion. I took help of YouTube video to prepare cake and after watching it I went to the market to get necessary ingredients. It was the noon time when I started to bake and it took me 3 hours to get it ready. I gave the cake shape of a heart which could help me to express my love and feelings towards my friend and I filled this heart with chocolate, fresh fruits, dry fruits, nuts and others. It was looking extremely beautiful and finally I used whipped cream to adorn it with my friend’s name. It was around 5 in the evening I took this cake out of refrigerator. I packed the cake and left for my friend’s house. My friend welcomed me warmly and I wished him happy birthday and gifted the cake. On opening the box, my friend was on cloud nine and hugged me tightly for bringing such a special gift. Later, he cut the cake that everyone enjoyed and I received lots of compliments for baking such delicious cake. Overall, it was the time when I made something for my friends with my hands.

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