Talk About Something That You Made With Your Hands For Your Friend Cue Card

For whom you made?
What did you made?
How did you made it?
How your friend felt to receive it?

Well, it is quite common among friends and family members to gift each other on special occasions but here I would definitely love to talk about a very special gift that I made by myself for my friend. It was my best buddies karan’s birthday last week and I had to gift him something special. Actually my parents never allow to buy expensive items from market to gift to friends. For that reason, I had to make something on my own. So, as per the liking of my friend, I decided to bake a cake for him. He has a sweet tooth and he especially loves chocolate flavoured cakes. s (IELTS With Ramandeep Singh) So I decided to bake a chocolate cake for him for this special occasion. For this, I decided to take help of a YouTube video. I watched the video with millions of views and after watching the video, I went to the market to get necessary ingredients. I started baking the cake somewhere around 12 in the noon and it was around 3 pm when i finished baking the cake. I gave the cake shape of a heart to express my love and feelings towards my friend and Adorn it with or loaded it with lots of chocolate. I filled the heart with lots of dry fruits, jellies , nuts and many more to (IELTS With Ramandeep Singh) give it a crunchy taste as well. Now, it was the time to pack the cake as I had to visit my friend ‘s house to attend the evening party. So, I packed it in a beautiful box with ribbons on top of it. As soon as, I reached my friend’s home, he hugged me and I wished him happy birthday and handed over the box to him. I requested him to open the box in front of everyone and when he opened it, he was elated or on cloud nine and now he was super excited to taste the cake. So, during the (IELTS With Ramandeep Singh) cake ceremony, he cut the cake and everyone had a bite of it and everyone appreciated my baking skills and it was the time I prepared something with my hands and my friend really liked it.


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