-Who the child was?

-How you met him?

-Why the child was innocent?

-How did you feel to meet him?

Well, children often receive a lot of love and affection from others just because of their innocence. I have many nephews and (Ielts With Ramandeep Singh)nieces and among all the most innocent one is definitely Simran who is almost 4 years old. I vividly remember the time when he visited with his family during summer vacations. In order to give them a warm welcome, we prepared a variety of food items to serve them. Everyone appreciated the taste of food as it was finger licking delicious. While enjoying the food, we were enjoying talks especially the childish and funny talks of Simran. During this time, his mother casually said that she also prepares different (Ielts With Ramandeep Singh)cuisine for the family as she loves to cook but Simran said innocently that my mother does not know to cook food at all and my father prepares all the meals. Everyone started laughing loudly but his mother was quite embarrassed. Similarly, during his stay with us I found him as a very innocent child for example, when I gave him a pack of chocolates he did not eat even a single chocolate because he said he will first show this gift to his friends and will share with them. I was surprised (Ielts With Ramandeep Singh)to see his patience towards chocolates. Simran is a very talkative child and his talks are full of innocence that one can enjoy for hours. I spent great time with him and we became good friends during this time and now I frequently talk to him over the phone and enjoy listening to his talks full of innocence.

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