Talk About A Time You Received Good Customer Service Cue Card

-When it was?

-What exactly happened?

-Who offered you the service?

 -Why you were satisfied?

Well, no doubt, good customer service is key to success for any business and here I would like to talk about my recent experience that I had with amazon.com. Actually, on the recommendation of my friend, I decided to buy a pair of shoes from this website. I got excited to see that it was offering a (Ielts With Ramandeep Singh)massive discount on the pair I wanted to buy. So, I placed my order and I was supposed to receive the parcel in 3 days. You won’t believe that the parcel got delivered the very next day and I was on cloud nine. I was excited to see it and when I opened, to be honest, my excitement turned into disappointment. The fact is that the shoes were not the same that I ordered, in fact one of the shoes was faulty as well. I got really depressed (Ielts With Ramandeep Singh) I talked to my friend and he told me that this company has good reputation for its customer service as well and I should contact them. I immediately called the customer care and one of the representatives talked to me in a very humble manner. Though, I was little angry over the phone but he said, “sir please you can share your problem and I am listening to you patiently. When I describe the (Ielts With Ramandeep Singh) situation he said, “nothing to worry about, the company will arrange a free pick up of that parcel”, and will be sending me the same pair of shoes as I ordered. In fact, as a goodwill gesture he also sent me 2 movie tickets to apologize. So, I was really impressed the way the company handled my problem and offered me wonderful customer service and this is perhaps the reason why today I am a regular buyer of amazon.com.

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