-Where you met?                                                                                        

-What you did together?                                                                 

-How long you spent together?

Well, life has become really busy these days that even family members do not get time to spend together. I will definitely take this opportunity to talk about the time when we family members were together after a very long period of time and it happened almost 2 months ago when it was my cousin’s wedding. The fact is that almost 5 years ago we were living in a joint family. I was living along my Uncle, aunts and cousins and it was a family of 12 people. But for some reasons my father had to move to a city and at the very same time, one of my uncles moved to Canada, and the other Uncle moved to Delhi for business. Because of engagements, we could never get the opportunity to personally visit or meet each other. As said it was my cousin’s wedding, and this was the time the entire clan was together. We were not only excited about the wedding of the cousin but also super excited about the meeting each other after so long. We welcomed and greeted each other warmly and I hugged my all cousins and I was surprised to see them the way they had grown up in such a short period of time. at this wedding we have a lot of fun together we gossiped for hours we enjoyed the food and the drinks and the best part was dancing along my cousins and the entire family on loud music. In fact, we were all well dressed up for this occasion and during this time a group photograph was clicked in which we all family members are standing along the wedding couple. So, this picture is more like a memory for all of us to be together after so long. And the best part is that after the wedding both of my uncles and their families stayed with us for a week time and during this time we spent a lot of time together and recalled the memories of being together earlier. Overall, I can say that it was the time when my entire family was together after long time.

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