Talk About A Time When You Were Quite Busy Cue Card

Well, needless to say, most of the time, people find themselves running out of time because we remain too engaged with works and that’s the reason why we are always in hurry. Actually, couple of months ago, it was my father’s birthday. As a routine, he went for work but I decided that I will arrange a surprise party for him. As other family members left as well, I made an excuse to stay at home saying that I am not feeling well. But as soon as everyone left, I started to make the arrangements. I was having approximately 6-7 hours to make all the arrangements so I decided to start with the cleaning of the house. As soon as I cleaned the house, the next thing was to invite the guests. I made phone calls to friends and relatives but told them to keep the secret and everyone was invited to the evening party at 6. So now, I was left with the 4-5 hours and I decided to bake a cake for my father as a birthday gift. Since, I can bake cakes very well and my father really loves the taste of the cake which I bake. So I baked the chocolate cake, which is my fathers favourite. Now, it was the time to decorate the house. So now, I was in real rush because I had to go to the market to buy some decorative items especially balloons and it took me more than two hours to decorate the house with ballons and other things but it was looking awesome. I was kind of tired by now. But I still had to place the order for the food for the guests and it was just about 6’o clock and when my father return and knocked the door, he was super surprised because by the time all the guests had arrived and the house was looking extremely beautiful and everyone started singing the birthday song. My father got little emotional and he hugged me and he was very happy with the arrangements and he was kind of surprise by the way, I managed everything in such a short period of time. Overall, I can say that it was the time when I was over-occupied.

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