Talk about a time when you used your mobile phone to do something important.

  • When it was
    -What did you you
    -Why it was important
    -How did you feel

Well today’s mobile phone are the smart phones loaded with features which we often use for different purposes and here I would like to share the incident when I used my phone to find my father’s lost mobile phone. Actually, almost a month ago my father went to the market to buy some groceries. But when he came back, he was pretty disappointed as he had lost his phone in the market. I instantly, tried to call the number but no response despite several attempts. At this point, we understood it has gone into wrong hands. It was not only an expensive device but had lots of important information such as contacts, messages, photos and others. When everyone lost hope, I decided to track the mobile. Actually my mobile phone📲 has advanced features which helps to track different devices. Within 5 minutes I found the location of the handset. However, it was the nearest tower not the exact location. Simultaneously, I shared the post on my social networking platforms Instagram, Facebook and you wont believe , in half an hour , I received a call from a mobile phone store where a junky was trying to sell my fathers phone. I immediately, visited the nearest police station and narrated the story. The police officer accompanied me to the outlet and arrested the thief and returned the mobile phone. My father was extremely delighted to get his mobile phone back and he appreciated and felt proud on me the way I handled the situation. Overall, it was the time when I used my mobile phone for something important.

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