Talk About A Time When You Helped A Child

Who the child was?
When you helped?
What help did you offer?
How did you feel?

Well, I am a person with a very helpful nature and I never miss any opportunity to help people in need. Let me share one such experience here, when I helped a child who was in great trouble. Actually I hit the playground with my friends every evening to play our favorite sport cricket, while playing this sport one day I heard loud screams of a child. When we approached the child, we got to know that he got injured and has got his ankle dislocated. He was in terrible pain and was crying bitterly. Luckily, I knew that how to offer first aid in such situation so I immediately helped the child. Unfortunately nobody carries mobile phones in playgrounds so it was not practically possible to contact child’s parents. In fact he was also losing his conscious. At this time I requested my friend to help me to take this child to the nearest doctor’s clinic. We together got the child on our bike and in 10 minutes time, we reached the clinic. After reaching, I requested the doctor to treat the child and he immediately started treatment. The doctor put on a huge plaster and gave some painkillers and after some time , the child was feeling better. I also contacted his parents and they arrived in no time. Although, they were really worried and concern about the child but to see him relaxing and in a better condition they took a breath of relief. They were grateful to me and they were thanking me again and again but I said that I performed my duty , nothing more than that. Offering help to this child gave me internal satisfaction and in future also if it had an opportunity to help anyone, I will not step back.

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