-Name of the stadium?

-What facility it has?

-How often you visit there?

-How important it is for your hometown?

Well, the administration provides various amenities to facilitate the lives of dwellers and one such facility is stadium about which I would like to talk now. The name of the stadium is ‘Young India” and it is extremely popular among the sports enthusiasts in my hometown. This stadium is especially for team sports like cricket, hockey, football and others. As youngsters in my area are quite interested in these sports. The stadium is massive in size with sitting capacity of 20,000 equipped with flood lights to organise day-night matches. This stadium often hosts various matches and people watch them with great excitement. It not only hosts major tournaments but also organise regular training for young sports person. Free coaching is provided to inspire the youth towards sports and keep away from drugs. In fact, sports equipment and gym facility are also available and like many other youngsters (Ielts with Youtuber Ramandeep Singh) of my area, I too visit there every evening. Playing games keeps me fit and healthy and also gives me an opportunity to socialize. The council is doing a great job of maintaining and improving this facility which is very important for the youngsters in my area and in times to come these youngsters will play for the national teams.

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