-What this place is?

-Where it is located?

-Have you been there?

-Why would you recommend it to others?

Well, India is a diverse country and it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations as it has hundreds of worth-seeing places. One place that I would surely recommend everyone to visit at least once in a lifetime is the city Amritsar. Amritsar is one of the historical cities of Punjab and it is especially popular worldwide because of the presence of Golden Temple. I have been to Amritsar and I have visited golden temple many times and there are few things that I would like to recommend here to others who have not visited this place yet. Golden temple is also considered as to be the 8th wonder of the world. It is one of the most important historical (Ielts with Youtuber Ramandeep Singh) temples of Sikhs. As the name reflects the building is actually made of pure gold in fact tone of gold. The unique architecture of this building makes it super special because the prime building is erected right in the middle of the holy pond. Millions of tourists from all different parts of the world visit Amritsar each year to pay their obeisance at golden temple. But I must say that visitors should definitely check out the food as well at Amritsar, because it is one of the best places to try authentic Punjabi taste here. There are hundreds of fine dine restaurants and thousands of street food corners where people can enjoy a wide range of food. I must say that one thing is that it is more like a shoppers Paradise. There are many malls and shopping strips where people can buy anything but it is particularly famous for the traditional objects of Punjab. So, all these things make Amritsar more like a tourist hub where they can find everything. Overall, it is one place in my country that I would definitely recommend others to visit.

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