-Who the person is?

-For what he/she inspired?

-Why he/she inspired

-What did you do afterwards?

-How did you feel about it

Well, inspiration is something that most people need and if they get it by right person at right time, they can do wonders. I would definitely love to share my personal experience when I got inspired by one of my friends. The fact is that my friend Karan is a great inspiration for me and recently he inspired me to join swimming classes for many different reasons. Let me tell you first that I have hydrophobia. I really cannot get close to water bodies like beaches, rivers but in contrast my friend Karan is a travel bug, who loves to visit places near water and every time he shows me his pictures of sailing in a boat, rafting on a river, enjoying at the beach activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and he always try to convince me to join him to such places but because (Ielts with Youtuber Ramandeep Singh)of my   hydrophobia I really cannot do it that’s the reason why he motivated and encouraged me to join swimming classes in the sport center in my city. The fact is that he said that if I could learn swimming, I would never have the phobia, at the same time, swimming as we know is a life-saving skill which means I can not only save my own life but I can help people in trouble as well. Another reason for the inspiration was, for some time I was not feeling active and fit. I was feeling lethargic and I was putting up some weight. So, Karan recommended me to surely join swimming classes because it is one of the best activities to stay fit and healthy because it involves the moment of each and every muscle. Interesting thing is that he said that it is the best thing to do especially during the summers. As we know during the hot summer days we really do not feel like doing anything because of sweating, and swimming is one thing that can really help us to get relief from scorching heat. I was really inspired with his talks and he definitely convinced me to join a sport center in the city and now I have learnt to swim to a great extent and I have no more hydrophobia and the credit goes to my friend who inspired me.

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