-Who the person is?                                                                                

-How do you know about him?                                                                       

-What contribution he has made?

It is quite unfortunate that most people are becoming self-centred today but still, there are some people who understand their responsibility and contribute towards society and the person I’m going to talk about is a famous Bollywood personality SonuSood. I feel proud that he is from my hometown Moga and famous internationally for his good deeds. Though, he has been helping others for ages but he got into the limelight during corona pandemic. It was the time when people were in great fear due to the deadly virus. Unfortunately, it was very tough time for daily wagers who lost their work during lockdown. They were not able to make both ends meet and this was the time when SonuSood announced he would provide food and shelter to all the affected people. In addition, labourers who were working away from hometown and were not able to travel back because the public transportation was not operational, he arranged hundreds of buses and helped thousands of migrant workers to meet their families. In fact, he is highly active on social media and whosoever approaches him for help he never says ‘no’. Every time he visits my city he contributes in some way for example, on his recent visit, he distributed bicycles to one thousand school going girls to empower them. He is a great example for others to understand their role towards society and I wish I could do something big for social welfare like him in future.

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