-What it is?                                                                                              

-How you know about it?                                                                      

-How much it would cost you?

Well, I appreciate all different forms of art but paintings are my all-time favorite. Here I am going to talk about a painting which I would love to have. Actually, last month, I attended an art exhibition where I came across beautiful paintings of named artists. I was amazed to see how skill fully these paintings were made which were of natural scenes, famous buildings, historical monuments and portraits of famous personalities but the one that impressed me the most was the portrait of “Guru Nanak” painted by the famous painter of Punjab “Sobha Singh”. He is known for painting, portraits of Sikh gurus with his imagination and the one that I liked was of Guru Nanak in which he is wearing a yellow turban and his hand is also visible as he is showering blessings. The painter makes use of natural colors and had taken care of every minute detail because of which Guru Nanak’s expression of smiling looks so real. It is a huge painting almost 4 by 3 feet in size and framed beautifully in a wooden frame which is carved aesthetically. Actually, I wanted to purchase this massive piece so that I could mount it on the wall of our prayer room. Unfortunately, where I ask the price, I got shocked as it was worth 40,000. Though, I was little disappointed but I truly appreciate the work of Sobha Singh and it is my desire to buy this painting one day for sure.

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