-Who told you joke

-When and where

-What the joke was

-Why did you find it interesting

Well, laughter is the best medicine and people love to listen to jokes to have some good laugh and here I am going to share a real incident shared by my cousin Simran which is as good as a joke. Actually, he was visiting us in summer holidays and one day we were at restaurant to enjoy some snacks where he shared this funny incident. He said his friends are extremely miser and always convince him to pay for all but never pay him back. So, one day, Simran decided to teach his friends a lesson for which he invited all his friends and pretended that he is throwing a grand party. All the friends reached in time and Simran said to all to order anything you want without any hesitation. In greed, his friends ordered the most expensive food items on menu more than what they could eat. When they started eating my cousin made an excuse to use washroom and he switched off his phone and disappeared. His friends were trapped because they had no money to pay the bill. They were truly embarrassed and shocked at the same time. Simran said that next day he came to know that his friends had to clean restaurant and do the dishes to compensate. Listening to this incident, I started laughing hysterically and everyone at restaurant was staring at me. Although, somehow, I controlled my laugh but every time I recall the incident it makes me laugh again.

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