-Name of the friend

-What he talks about

-Why his talks are interesting

Well, I always enjoy the company and gossips of my all friends but Karan is definitely the one who is the most interesting among all because of his interesting talks. Although, he is a chatterbox/garrulous yet it is ¬†always a treat to listen to him because his talks are full of fun and facts. Actually, Karan is in habit of reading books for interest and watching educational programs on tv that’s why his talks are quite amusing and we all friends listen to him with great curiosity. Even our school teacher’s get surprised with his knowledge. In addition, my friend is quite hilarious by nature and has hundreds of jokes on his mind. So, nobody gets bored in his company as we love laughing at his jokes. Last but not least Karan’s father is an army officer who often gets transferred at different locations. As a result, Karan has a rich travelling experience of different states of India. Hence, whenever I am free I love listening to his travel experience as he shares his experiences in a very elaborative manner. I find him not only interesting but also very influential person who can easily convince and win others hearts with his talks. Overall, Karan is my friend whose talks are very interesting.

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