-When was it?

-Who gifted it?

-What flower did you received?

-Why do you like it so much?

Well, gifting flowers on special occasions is very common in my country as most people love to receive flower as gift for their beauty and aroma and here I am going to narrate an incident when I received a very special handmade flower from my friend Simran. Actually, Simran and I are fast friends but last year due to some misunderstanding we had a break-up. It was not easy for me to live without him because we always used to study and play together. He was very close to my heart with whom I could share everything (feeling/secrets). I tried to contact him a few times but he did not reply. Now, I was feeling that we can never be together again but on valentines’ day, the door knocked and when I opened, to my surprise it was Simran standing with a beautiful flower in his hand and while offering the flower to me he apologized. To see this, (Ielts with Youtuber Ramandeep Singh) I got emotional and hugged him tightly. I was on cloud nine to have my friend back. The flower grabbed my attention because I was thinking it was a natural rose but was made of paper looking exactly like a real one. He said that it took him hours to make this one for me not only to express his feelings but to keep our friendship alive forever unlike natural flower that dies in few days. I got the point and promised him to keep this flower with me forever. I am keeping it in my study area and every time I see it, it reminds me of my promise.

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