No doubt, in most parts of the world flora and fauna is badly affected and many believe that nothing can be done to improve the situation. While others think that there is still a ray of hope and I also agree to this viewpoint. This essay will examine both the aspects in detail.

On the one hand, those who keep pessimistic view say that growing population will not allow to bring a change. Needless to say, the population of planet earth is increasing continuously, as a result, to fulfil the demand of humans we are destroying the nature. There is an increased demand for housing and food and for this, trees are being cut to construct houses and for agriculture. This has led to the loss of vegetation and the habitat of wildlife. This is the reason why there is an ecological imbalance which is very difficult to mend. For example, the forest cover in India has been reduced by 50% in last 20 years and as per the scientists it would take 200 years to revive the situation which seems highly impractical.

However, the optimists believe loss of nature is the direct loss of human and growing concern of people towards the environment reflects that this loss can be reversed. Today, countries are implementing strict laws against deforestation, hunting of animals, at the same time, people also support the state in every possible way to preserve flora and fauna. Similarly, the use of technology is also a huge help. For instance, high rise buildings ensure the efficient use of land and allow accommodating huge population in a small piece of land. As a consequence, the need to clear forest has reduced greatly worldwide.

After analysing both stances, I would like to restate, although the situation has become worse already yet the efforts of state and individuals can help to save the nature in the form of plants and animals.

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