-What it was?

-When you lost it?

-How you lost it?

-How did you feel?

Well, to be honest I have very forgetful nature and I often forget the things but, I am lucky enough that most of the time I get the things back as well. Right now, I would love to share the experience when I lost my mobile phone but fortunately, I found it later on. This incident took place approximately 2 months ago, when I was riding my bike and going to the local departmental store to buy some groceries. I was wearing a loose pyjama and I never noticed when my mobile slipped out of my pocket. After reaching the store and buying the groceries. I thought of making a call to my mother to ensure if she needs anything else. At that time, I got shocked when I slipped my hand into my pocket because the phone was missing. I tried to look here and there but all in vain. I requested the sales guy to dial my phone number but it was coming as switch off. At that time I realised, it has gone into wrong hands. I was extremely disappointed as It was so precious to me. it was my gifted to me by my father on my recent birthday. It was not only important as it was quite expensive but had my important contacts, photographs and other useful information. I also shared a post on social media and lodged a FIR too but all in vain as I never got my phone back and I had to buy a new one. Since it was an irreparable loss so and now I always take a great care of my possessions. So that, such situation doesn’t happen again.

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