No doubt, mobile phones have become a part and parcel of our lives and most people find it very inconvenient if they are stopped from using it. I would like to share one such experience when I was not allowed to use my cell phone. I vividly remember almost a month ago I was riding my motorbike and I was headings towards market on the road and leading towards the market, there was a traffic police check on the road and like many other motorists one of the police officers stopped me too. It was just a routine check. Since I always keep the necessary documents in a pouch in my vehicle itself, I confidently stopped my vehicle. The officer approach and ordered me to show vehicle registration, license and other documents. I unlocked the box where I keep these documents, but I got shocked to find them missing. At this point I realized that day before while washing my vehicle I took out these documents but forgot to place them back. I narrated to the officer what exactly happened but he did not trust me and gave me a ticket (fine). I took my mobile out of pocket to call my brother to bring the documents, but the officer abruptly snatched my phone and gave it to the higher ranked officer. I plead the officer to return the phone but he said it is against law and if you do not carry documents you must pay the fine. Well, I had no other option to accept my mistake but I was quite disappointed with the attitude of the police that did not allow me to use my cell phone.

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