-When it was?

-Where you were?

-What exactly happened?

-How did you feel?

Well in India it’s not uncommon to experience extreme weathers. Sometimes it gets really foggy, sometimes it rains so heavily but I am going to share my recent experience of getting trapped in heavy snowfall. The fact is that last year, I visited with my friends to Manali. We especially visited this place in the month of December as we had never ever experienced the snowfall in our life. As per the forecast, it was supposed to snow and that is reason that why we planned this trip. We got in Manali by 6 in the evening and we were eagerly waiting for the snow to fall but it did not snow in time which was expected at 7 pm. We hit our hotel room and we were thinking the next day we will have a lot of fun in the snow. We will play with snow balls, enjoy skating, skiing and the next day, we were also supposed to leave Manali later in the evening. Somewhere around 11pm one of my friends shouted as it has already started to snow since it was too late we could not get out of the hotel room. We decided to enjoy it in the morning but when we got up and we got to know from the hotel reception that the weather has got extremely bad. It has been snowing heavily since last night and because of that orange alert has been declared and we were not supposed to leave hotel room. You won’t believe that we could not do anything just watch the snow falling from our hotel window. The snowfall continued for the next two (Ielts with Youtuber Ramandeep Singh) days and there was kind of snow walls all around. It was around 4 to 5 feet’s snowfall all around even the cars were not visible any more. The weather was so extreme that even there was a power cut and we were shivering in our hotel room. And the three days, we were trapped in our hotel room and we were in blankets. And this heavy snowfall totally ruined our plan of holidays. Finally, the roads were clear when the snow stopped and we immediately travelled back to our hometown as we were already late by two days. Overall, I can say it was the worst experience that I had due to bad weather.

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