-What it was?

-Where you were?

-Why you had to walk?

-How did you feel?

Well, walking barefoot is not very common as most of the time we are in footwears according to the need but hear I am going to share an experience when I had to walk barefoot. Almost a month ago I was on my regular visit to Gurudwara and as a ritual we must take off the footwear before entering the premises. I spent around fifteen minutes inside praying the lord, but when I came out I found my flip-flops missing. Though I was shocked and angry yet I cooled myself down considering God wanted me to help somebody in need. Since I had no other option and I was not too far from my home, I decided to walk barefoot. It was not easy for me as I am not in habit of walking barefoot. Small pebbles were hurting my feet but I was enjoying the mild pain as it was giving the feeling of acupressure. On the way to my home there is a small park so I decided to walk barefoot on the lush green grass for some time because it is considered as to be the best activity to (Ielts with Youtuber Ramandeep Singh) relax mind and body. Finally, I reached home and when my brother saw me without wearing footwear and started laughing hysterically. I got into my room and clean my feet before getting another pair of flip-flops from my shoes rack. Overall, it was a very different experience I had of walking barefoot for long.

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