Well, the government of my country enacts various laws for the smooth functioning of the state. Here, I would like to talk about a very important law that has been introduced lately to protect the environment. It is quite unfortunate to see that the environment is getting degraded day by day and if not taken seriously, it would lead to dire consequences. The biggest challenge at present is plastic. The amount of solid waste is constantly increasing and a major proportion of this waste is plastic. Million of tons of plastic waste ends up at landfill sites day In and day out. Since, it is non-biodegradable product it stays there forever. At the same time, it releases toxins which are extremely harmful and often become a cause of birds and animal’ s death that feed on landfill sites. To overcome this challenge, government of India has completely banned the use of plastic bags. Now if people go for shopping they carry their own bags usually Jute bags which are eco-friendly. Along with the ban, government also aware the general public to say ‘No to plastic’. In fact, plastic is also responsible for ruining the beauty of public areas like parks and bus stops because plastic trash can be seen all around as under this law, if someone caught using plastic bags has to pay five thousand rupees fine and the shopkeepers who keep plastic bags have to pay twenty thousand rupees fine. It is just because of this strict law and heavy penalty people have started avoiding plastic bags. It is resulting in a substantial decline in the amount of waste produced and keeping the environment clean and green. I hope there will be more laws that would be implemented to save the environment in future.

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